EMTEE EDUCATION is meeting the demand, reducing the challenges of ultrasound training. Ultrasound education has been a key component of the Center’s simulation elective for two years now. The training program is continuing to evolve as new pathologies, that can be integrated into simulated scenarios become available to challenge doctor’s critical thinking skills in preparation for real patient encounters. “BodyWorks Eve will facilitate improvements to our current ultrasound training programs”, says Dr. Kaufmann, “The addition of high quality abdominal images on Eve will allow for the introduction of nw patient scenarios in which a PoCUS exam is important. With the addition of HearWorks on the Eve manikin, a good range of cardiac pathology is also available, which not only has relevance for PoCUS examinations, but also for specialist cardiac trainees, who need a comprehensive education in Transesophageal and Transthoracic Echocardiography (TEE & TTE).”




I think I can speak on behalf of the entire Sharp cadre that today’s course was fantastic. In fact, a game changer for us.

Thanks again!

-Joe Bellezzo-





Attendees from everywhere!


EM Staff/US Fellowship Directors/Critical Care Stsff Fellows and Residents from

UC Irvine EM and Fellowship Program, CA

Harbor-UCLA, CA

Carolinas Medical Center, Charotte, NC

Kaiser Permanente (KP), San Diego CA

Highland Hospital Emergency Medicine.US Fellowship Program, Oakland CA

UC Davis Emergency and Critical Care Programs, Sacramento CA

St. Joseph’s Med Center, Stockton

Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla CA

Sharp Memorial Hospital, La Jolla CA
Madigan Army Medical Center, WA


TEE Scanning in action!

Dec 2016

TEE Course

Kaweah Delta Emergency Medicine Residency Program

Visalia, CA


May 2017

TEE Course

Kaweah Delta Hospital

Anesthesia Residency Program

Visalia, CA


September 2018

TEE Course

St Joseph Medical Center

Stockton, CA


October 30, 2018


Touro Osteopathic School of Medicine US Lab

Vallejo, CA


September 2019

Highland Hospital

Emergency Medicine Residency and Ultrasound Fellowship Program

Oakland, CA


November 2019

TEE Course

Dolphin Spa & Beach Resort

Pismo Beach, CA


January 2020

TEE Course

DGMC/UC Davis Integrated Emergency Medicine Residency Program

Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Medicine

Sacramento, CA


January 2020

Orange Park Medical Center

Emergency Medicine Residency Program


January 2021

Scripps Memorial Hospital/Sharp Memorial,

La Jolla, CA

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BodyWorks Eve has just been admitted into New York’s VA Medical Center presenting with shortness of breath, tachycardia and chest pain…



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